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EarthLight existed as a quarterly magazine for 15 years. Its mission was to live, communicate, and celebrate a story that vitalizes our sacred relationship with the living Earth by bringing together some of the best writers on ecospirituality. In 2006 the magazine ended publication. Cynthia Spring and Anthony Manousos gathered the “best of” EarthLight into an anthology that featured writers such as Joanna Macy, Michael Meade, Thomas Berry, Terry Tempest Williams, and Gary Snyder, among others.

Wisdom Circles: A Guide to Self-Discovery and Community Building in Small Groups

There is much evidence that our human ancestors have gathered in circles, sitting around a fire, telling stories of their day, sharing wisdom on how to survive, for hundreds of thousands of years. By continuing this practice, we link ourselves to the wisdom of the ages, and provide a foundation for future generations.


To encourage and facilitate the use of circles, Wisdom Circles has formulated a set of guidelines that we call the Ten Constants. These constants have been inspired by councils of indigenous peoples, informed by support groups and drawn from our own experience. The Ten Constants create a safe container that allows participants to tap their innate capacity to relate to each other in a context of wisdom and compassion.


For more information on wisdom circles see:


What do you believe will happen at your death and afterward? The great wisdom traditions suggest stories as answers. The Wave and The Drop is one such story. So is Heaven, Nirvana, the Circle of Life, Reincarnation, Death with Dignity, Transformation. Fables for the dying time. We, and those we love, can take these stories and shape them into a personal narrative that will help us cross that threshold. These are classic and contemporary tales of moving toward the light, joining the beloved community, dropping back into an ocean of love, and going home. These stories suggest that we can temper the sadness and fear that often accompany death with grace and a deep sense that there is an afterlife.



“Among the many books on death and dying that have poured into our culture in the past 30 years The Wave and The Drop is unique. In this breathtaking and profound collection of wisdom stories about death drawn from many diverse human traditions, Cynthia Spring offers us the whole of human wisdom on the journey to the edge of life and beyond.“


— Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.  Author,
Kitchen Table Wisdom and My Grandfather’s Blessings

The Wave and The Drop

Sometimes My Heart Goes Numb:

Love and Caregiving in a time of AIDS


Sometimes My Heart Goes Numb: Love and Caregiving in a Time of AIDS includes accounts from men and women who demystify the caregiving process as they talk candidly about the risks and rewards of supporting someone with a chronic or life threatening illness.

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