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Seven Questions About the Greater Reality: 

We are spiritual beings having a human experience


When I read Frances Vaughan’s fine book Awakening Intuition, I realized I had found a fellow incarnate human spirit interested in things such as inspiration, insight, imagination, creativity, and ESP. Now I find to my delight that the discarnate spirit of Frances Vaughan is taking part in a cross–world channeling project, collaborating with the incarnate spirit of Cynthia Spring.


"Frances has now joined the ranks of those myriad discarnate sources who comprise the channeled literature that I have been consuming all these years. Now all you fellow readers can share in this larger reality. Our human consensus reality here on earth is increasingly awakening to a shared understanding of the true interactive nature of the larger reality. I am excited to be among all the incarnate and discarnate spirits who know this larger truth with love at its very core. Thank you, Frances and Cynthia, for what you have given us."


Jon Klimo, Ph.D., Author, Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources (Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books,1998). Co-author (with Pamela Heath. M.D.), Handbook to the Afterlife, (Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books, 2010).

"In 1931, revolutionary quantum physicist and Nobel Prize winner Max Planck said, “I regard consciousness as fundamental . . . everything we talk about, everything we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” Given this idea that the basic make-up of the universe is consciousness, it is not surprising that Cynthia Spring and Frances Vaughan are in contact beyond the veil of death. The information contained in their conversations is provocative, inspiring, and practical. They brilliantly include ways in which we, too, can contact those who exist on the non-material plane with questions of our own. I recommend both this book and Book One, and look forward to the third book in the trilogy."


Justine Willis Toms, Co-founder, Director, Host of New Dimensions Radio; Author, Small Pleasures: Finding Grace in a Chaotic World


"What a delightful, well-written, how-to manual for those with questions, concerns and wonderings about our world and all the other elements of our spiritual environment. This Seven Questions book takes the reader through a step-by step understanding of consciousness, its construction, and methods by which readers can experience their own expansion and awareness of life. I find the questions from Cynthia to be deep and far-reaching, enabling the answers from Frances to be on point in her guidance and perceptions. Blessings to you and Frances for providing this knowledge for those who are ready to know more. "

Jeanne Love, Medium, Channel and Spiritual Teacher


"This book offers a threshold into an expanded consciousness. It is a thought-provoking dialogue between Frances Vaughan and Cynthia Spring that explains the origins of the current upheavals of our world. It also offers profound counsel into how we can maintain our balance and our moral values during this collective crisis. Beyond that, it presents a simple, 7-step process for a direct experience of communication with a loved one “on the other side.” All of that packed into one small book. What a treasure!"


Lisa Smartt, Author, Words at the Threshold, Veil, and Cante Bardo;

Founder, The Final Words Project.

Cynthia Spring and her collaborator, Frances Vaughan, have written a prescient second book in their trilogy.


Taking a deeper dive into the subject of what our experience can be after we leave our physical incarnation, and the destination we find ourselves experiencing, Frances gifts us with guidance on what we might expect when we enter the non-physical realms of existence; additionally she elaborates on the unprecedented challenges we are currently facing, and the sobering scenarios that may lie before us.


Cynthia and Frances frame the current global upheaval as a “rebalancing”; something this planet has experienced numerous times in its evolution. In the past, massive upheavals were needed to rebalance conditions that had become untenable to the survival of Gaia.  However, in the scenario that is unfolding before us, the entire global population is experiencing a devastating  pandemic, in concert with climate change, social and economic upheavals, and the resurgence of oppressive autocratic states—which are all graphically and unrelentingly presented to us via the internet.  What we are witnessing cannot be unseen nor escaped.


The underlying principle of Book Two is “that Consciousness is primary: the material level and space/time are expressions of a greater reality.”  Herein lies the hope of this book. If we are ever to come to some semblance of understanding of what the experience of a human incarnation is, and how it intersects with global upheaval, we must acknowledge that there is more at play to what we witness than with our physical senses.  There are other variables to consider—most of them beyond the veil of visibility.  All there is is Consciousness, which orchestrates all that is seen and unseen.


Pondering the teachings in this volume, and in their previous Book One, give us an opportunity to embrace a higher purview or understanding of what Life is presenting to us, the role we set out to play in this incarnation, and that Life after Life is an eternal quest.


I highly recommend this book. 

Garret Sanford

Testimonials for

Seven Questions About Life After Life: 

Book One in the Greater Reality Series

“This is a message of great importance – to those who fear death, and those of us who struggle with the pain and aloneness of this planet. Frances Vaughan tells us what we most need to know – that love is what connects us to each other and to All, and love is what we come here to learn. This is a book to set your course by, to use as a touch-stone, and give you peace as you transition to the greater reality. Beautiful and life-saving.”

Matthew McKay, Ph.D. Author of Seeking Jordan:
How I Learned About Death and The Invisible Universe


“I feel that Seven Questions will be a valuable contribution to the “life after life” field.  It is fairly short, easy to read, practical, reassuring, and written from the heart. This book arises from a deep and enduring friendship which continues whether or not the individuals are physically or nonphysically focused.  I will undoubtedly be loaning this book to those who can be uplifted by it.”


Ellen Jones-Walker, Monroe Institute Residential Trainer


"WOW!"  "This writing/channeling will touch so many who are seeking to know that their loved ones remain close at hand and continue to communicate with us even after death.  Seven Questions will open a lot of doors and windows for those who are ready to feel the wind of possibilities blowing in.”


Regina Ochoa, a medium who works with

the Foundation for Mind-Being Research in Los Altos, CA.


Seven Questions About Life after Life is an accessible, vibrant, and fascinating look at what consciousness is. The wisdom of the channeled information from Frances calls for several re-readings and comes through with intensity, poignancy, and recognition of truth. I strongly recommend this book for anyone who wishes to engage in a deep reflection into who we are and what we someday will become, and for those who ache to actively interact with these ideas.

Lisa Smartt, author Words at the Threshold, Veil, and

Cante Bardo; Founder, The Final Words Project;

Co-founder, The University of Heaven.


Official Review from

The Wave and The Drop by Cynthia Spring


The Wave and the Drop: Wisdom Stories about Death and Afterlife is an uplifting book writtten by Cynthia Spring.


With Foreword by Charles Garfield, Ph. D., the book has nine wisdom stories including ‘The Story of the Wave and the Drop’ and ‘The Story of Heaven’ among others. In the introduction, the author asks two very important questions: What happens when we die? and What happens after we die? She goes on to explain that it is normal for human beings to fear death and she gives various examples of stories about afterlife from different cultures and religious traditions. The author’s goal in writing this book is to gather stories that may help us, the readers, consider our own mortality and help us cross the threshold when our time comes.


The book features stories and personal experiences of various people. These include stories about near-death-experience, reincarnation, encounter with angels and otherworldly escorts, and glimpsing other dimensions. Furthermore, the author discusses other people’s preference for self-deliverance and dying with dignity. Finally, in addition to stories, the book includes lines from writers, poets and spiritual teachers offering guidance. Of these, the one I like the most is from Mark Twain. It goes:


Death is your best friend. When you can endure life no longer, death comes and sets you free 


Initially, I found the subject not simply creepy but outright terrifying. However, as I read along, I began to feel good about the topic and when I finished reading, I found it uplifting and liberating. Not only did I feel good, but I also learned a lot from this book like the existence of 'The-Right-to-Die Movement' and the contents of 'Legacy Letters' among others. Moreover, the tone used by the author is soothing and comforting which, I believe, is among the ultimate goals of this book.


What I like most about the book is the freedom it gives the readers to decide whether to accept the ideas it imparts, or not. It does not impose, nor does it express inclination towards any specific religion. Most importantly, as the author points out:


This book has not been an attempt to take the grief, loss, or tragedy out of the dying time. It is an attempt to add an element – a story- that can help the transition less fearful, less traumatic, and thereby more of a rite of passage.


Needless to say, I love this book and I enjoyed it immensely. However, other readers may find the subject scary, as I did at first, or offensive. After all, not everybody feels comfortable talking about death and dying. Moreover, some readers may find the concepts of near-death-experience, reincarnation and self-deliverance unacceptable.

I rate this book:  ✭✭✭✭ 4 out of 4 stars


It is a well written, uplifting and liberating book. I recommend it to readers who keep an open mind about the idea of death, to those who suffer from terminal illness and are facing imminent death, and to people whose loved ones are on the verge of death.

Testimonials for 

The Wave and The Drop

"Among the many books on death and dying that have poured into our culture in the past 30 years The Wave and The Drop is unique. In this breathtaking and profound collection of wisdom stories about death drawn from many diverse human traditions, Cynthia Spring offers us the whole of human wisdom on the journey to the edge of life and beyond.."

— Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D. 

Author, Kitchen Table Wisdom and My Grandfather’s Blessings


"Touching, helpful, healing and wise!  These are the words that well up as I read Cynthia Spring's moving gift of the world's wisdom stories that millions of people have used to guide their lives and ease their deaths. This is a book that will enrich anyone who wants to live fully and all of us who may someday die."

— Roger Walsh MD, Ph.D. University of California, professor of psychiatry,

author of Essential Spirituality: The Seven Central Practices


"In my experience, what we believe about what happens after death may shape the way in which we die and even the way in which we live our lives. The Wave and the Drop engages us in a profound inquiry into this Mystery. "

— Frank Ostaseski

Author, The Five Invitations: Discovering What Death Can Teach Us About Living Fully.

Founder, Metta Institute.


"Cynthia Spring has harnessed the power of stories that bring solace to the soul as we face the inevitable transitions of life. Whether in the loss of a loved one or in preparation for our own inevitable death, these stories can help us befriend the great mystery of existence. Don’t wait! There is something for everyone in this book."

— Frances Vaughan, Ph.D. 

Author of Shadows of the Sacred : Seeing through Spiritual Illusions


This short, easy to read, extensively researched collection of stories is itself a story. It is the story of humanity needing to make meaning out of human existence. Those looking for comfort will find it not only in the convergence of understandings of the nature of death, but in the examples of how many have faced it in ways that brought acceptance and fulfillment."


— Leonard Joy, Quaker Institute for the Future Board of Trustees



"In a short, clear and concentrated book, Cynthia Spring gives us many gifts:

important stories, deep quotes and poetry, insights into many spiritual traditions and many delicious, if challenging, concepts about death to consider.  It’s a treasure trove of heart and information, food for living and elixir for dying."

— Kate Munger, Founder, Threshold Choir


"Stories can soothe an ailing soul, give meaning to our experiences, answer the unanswerable, and offer comfort in times of uncertainty and mourning. I am thankful to Cynthia Spring for offering us this precious collection of stories on death and the afterlife she respectfully lifted up from different world spiritual traditions. She guides us with grace and insight, asking us to consider their multiple truths. I found solace reading this book, and I will gift it to friends in times of uncertainty and mourning."

— Gabriella Lettini, Ph.D.

 Dean of the Faculty at Starr King School for theMinistry, Graduate Theological Union;
Aurelia Henry Reinhardt Professor of Theological Etthics

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