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Cynthia lives in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. She is available in the greater Bay Area for interviews, talks and wisdom circles on both of the Seven Questions books. She is also available on zoom. Here are topic areas:

Seven Questions

  - About Life After Life

     1. Am I more than my physical body? (Finding a Larger Frame)

     2. What’s it like “on the other side?” (A Greater Reality)

     3. What presence fills the universe? God? Oneness? Love?

     4. How can I know there is a greater reality? (Portals)

     5. Why does someone incarnate?

          (Do we have a purpose in being here?)

     6. How does one live with the knowledge that there is life after life?

     7. Where is Home?


  - About the Greater Reality

     1. What is Aliveness?

     2. How do we let go of the fear of death?

     3. How do we participate as co-creators of reality?

     4. How can we contact the other side? The practice of automatic writing

     5. What are we here to learn?

     6. How do we live our purpose during the upheavals?

     7. What is time-bound? What is eternal?

The Wave and The Drop:

Wisdom Stories about Death and Afterlife

The Wave and The Drop opens the door to a discussion of mortality and afterlife. What happens when you die? What happens after you die? Is there an afterlife? Cynthia Spring has researched the major wisdom traditions around the world and found stories as answers. Some describe entering a white light, others foretell a reuniting with loved ones, or promise a new dimension such as heaven or nirvana. Sometimes the dying person sees escorts: deceased parents, or a spouse, or angels ready to assist in the transition from life to what comes next. Where do the stories overlap? What are common elements?


In her talk, Cynthia Spring will provide:

  • Brief overviews of the stories coming from Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Native American traditions, as well as from Jewish sources, transformational pathways and stories of near-death experiences.

  • Stories from contemporary individuals who have shaped these stories to fit their beliefs and hold them as their way of making the transition from this life.

  • Poets, philosophers and saints who have given us single lines that can serve as all we need to have a grace-filled death. One such example is Mark Twain who said: “Death is your best friend. When you can endure life no longer, death comes and sets you free.” Or the Bengali poet and philosopher Tagore who said, “Death is not extinguishing the light; it is putting out the lamp because dawn has come.”


Cynthia Spring is available for individual talks. She is also offering to lead wisdom circles of 6-10 people who have read the book and wish to go deeper into its meaning for themselves. Please use the Contact form to send a query to her.


A video presentation of Cynthia Spring speaking about The Wave and The Drop is available on YouTube. [Stories from the Threshold] Her husband Charles Garfield and Cynthia Spring both made short presentations in May of 2018. Charles Garfield’s book is titled: Life Last Gift: Giving and Receiving Peace When a Loved One is Dying. If you can access YouTube on your TV, search for either Charles Garfield or Cynthia Spring. The YouTube title is Stories from the Threshold, and it’s about 35 minutes in length. Charles Garfield is first. Cynthia Spring’s presentation begins around the 16:00 mark.

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